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Spirit Of Thunderheart receives the 2013 Silver Arrow Award for contributions to the Native American Music Industry from Spirit Wind Records Company given by CEO, Donald Blackfox. Their CD, Rising to be released 2013 Spirit Of Thunderheart came together from the four directions of the Hudson Valley, New York. We started off sharing our drum's heartbeat along with our voices to spread our passion of native music. They come from musical backgrounds and drum groups. Spirit Of Thunderheart performed for Manhattan Neighborhood Network, public access TV episode, Clearwater Nation, Cultural Channel; MNN producers, Honor Women's History Month 2013 with traditional drum performance of the Mohawk Welcome Song and interview about their documentary film by Pamela Timmins, Pamorama Productions and their 2013 CD Rising. 2012 performances; Pete Seeger Singer Song Circle, Greenwich Village, NYC. Ulster County; The Hudson River Maritime Museum's boathouse, Clearwater's Singer Song Circle, The Blue Stone Festival, The Girl Scouts 100th anniversary celebration, Pow Wows/Upstate NY venues.Pamela Timmins, a member of the Caretaker's Society for native culture, became interested in documenting their story during an event sharing native culture with songs on their big traditional drum. She is currently documenting their events for a 2014 production.

2011 MNN interview Conversations with Channer "Filmmaker Pamela Timmins"
2012 MNN Producer, Cultural Channel #4 "Clearwater Nation" the 4th Thursday of each month at 10:00am
2012 May 10th 4-7:00pm Pamorama Productions Making Solar Happen in NYC at St.Margaret's Library with filmmaker at garden reception.
2012 May 23rd 1-3:00pm Goddard Riverside Senior Center program "Scenes from the Great Hudson River Revival" with filmmaker Q&A


  CLEARWATER NATION is a twenty-five minute documentary film about the Great Hudson River Revival 2008 featuring Pete Seeger and David Amram at the opening performance on the Hudson River Stage giving respect to their Native American
colleagues playing traditional music with Tiokasin Ghosthorse, elder spokeperson from the Lakota Nation, "Blessing the River" his prayer for the Hudson River.
It documents grassroots environmental education with WBAI radio host Ken Gale interviewing activists, live on the air. The film includes comments from educators and "Rocking the Boat" students telling their stories.
      Pete Seeger says, "This film is a good glimpse of some of the many events at the Revival".  Seeger encourages the New York independent filmmaker, Pamela Timmins, to continue plans with Pamorama Productions DVD series in progress. 
She wants to document what's happening with environmental education along the Hudson River Valley giving respect to ethnic diversity. Pamorama Productions will schedule screenings of her films for our communities and at fundraising events.  click on "Gallery"


"HOW THE BODY LOVES TO LOVE" Janet Restino's Fine Art at Jadite Gallery, NYC

The Busiel Community Gallery, at One Mill Plaza, presented the group art exhibition Three Generations of Art, photographs and illustrations by a family of artists, with a reception to meet the artists on August 1st 2010 from 2:00-5:00PM and a 3:30PM screening of Clearwater Nation with Q&A by the filmmaker Pamela Timmins.

Oct 2, 2011 Pamela Timmons opend Kingston's annual Bluestone Festival with Scenes From The Great Hudson Revival and intorduced theThunder Heart Singers.
September 15th 2010 The screening of Clearwater Nation was shown at the Hudson River Maritime Museum in Kingston, New York.  It was selected for their "Follow the River" lecture series with Pamela Timmins discussing what's happening with sustainabilit .



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Member of New York Women in Film & TV (NYWIFT)
available for promotional DVD and documentaries

Pamela Timmins, P/D, videographer/editor of Clearwater Nation, MNN Series featuring Pete Seeger and colleagues with highlights on what's happening as green sustainable entertainment along the Hudson Valley, Part One: Scenes from the Great Hudson River Revival airs on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Cultural Channel #4 Winter schedules 4th Thursday of the month at 10:00 am
Selected for NewfilmmakersNY 2011 Festival at Anthology Film Archives.
January 5, 2012 MNN producer aired Conversations with Channer with guest Pamela Timmins artist/filmmaker, view on
She spoke about her next Pamorama Productions web series, The 2012 Green Hudson Valley Tour with Dakota Nation Unity Riders.

July 4th 2011 Documentary film Scenes From the Great Hudson River Revival .Producer Director Pamel Timmons Part One of Clearwater Nation Triligy  about whats happening with sustainability along the Hudson River Valley. Shows at Deren Theataer at Anthology.
July 2, 2010, 6 pm at the Deren Theater at Anthology, 32 Second Street Experimental Short Films includes;City in Balance and Tango Noir co-produced by Pamela Timmins and Peter Leitch, non-narrative scenes juxtapose Lower Manhattan denizens, by day and night, for a provocative point of view shot by Pamela Timmins and original music by Peter Leitch.


Pamela Timmins is an accomplished landscape painter, photographer, and now a video artist/filmmaker. A native New Yorker, she has studied at the Pratt Institute, The New School University and privately with Geoffery Gleaves and William Segal.

       Reflecting her artistic and environmental concerns, she has produced, through her production company Pamorama Productions, documentary/promotional DVDs for Clearwater Inc. (featuring Pete Seeger), Pacifica Radio, the Ulster County Business Association, The American Italian Cultural Roundtable, author and environmental attorney Michael Diamond and jazz musician/photographer Peter Leitch, among other artists. 

       In collaboration with Mr Leitch she has produced several experimental non-narritive short films, two of which (Urban Fantasy and Tango Noir) have been screened at New York City film festivals.

       Peter Leitch says "The short documentary style promotional DVDs Ms.Timmins has made for me have proven quite useful to me in promoting my music and photography. With these DVDs, she has effectively explored the relationship between musical improvisation and the visual arts."

      Four of her films are archived in the permanent collection of Webster University, in St. Louis MO, and her film "Clearwater Nation" is in the collection of the Smithsonian Museum.

      Pamela Timmins' work can be seen on her website, and on YouTube.



2004 Autobiography, The Making of a CD promotional short documentary/Peter Leitch, jazz guitarist
2005 The Walkers Duets, documentary about Tribeca's Jazz Room at Walkers (60 minutes)
2006 Planting Seeds, short documentary of Diane Reeder of Kingston, N.Y.
2007 Making Solar Happen in NYC, documentary about solar installation experts in NYC (60 minutes)
2007 Urban Fantasy, experimental short film in NYC
2008 City in Balance/Tango Noir, two experimental short films in NYC
2009 Clearwater Nation, short documentary about Clearwater, featuring Pete Seeger (26 minutes)
2009 Ulster County Celebrates the Quadricentennial, short film about the Hudson River
2009 New York to New Orleans, short film about Peter Leitch's photography show at SoHo Art Gallery
2010 How the Body Loves to Love, short film about Janet Restino's Fine Art show at Jadite Gallery, NYC
2010 Fire and Ice, experimental short film, a meditation along the Hudson River
2010 David Amram and Friends at the Cornelia Street Cafe, Greenwich Village, NYC

click here to view the film Tango Noir

 A short film by Pamela Timmins and Peter Leitch

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